DishOne Satellite


In September of 2013 DISH Network purchased a controlling interest in a third party vendor named DishOne. DISH Network helped DishOne become one of the most prominent door-to-door companies in the country. I joined the team in October of 2015 to continue to build momentum and grow. As an Art Director, my main day-to-day duties consisted of designing graphics and sales materials for reps and customers, managing our social media accounts, directing/editing videography projects, planning and executing monthly sales competitions, creating and maintaining the DishOne website, and producing custom swag for the company. In 2017 we won a Silver Addy for our “Let Me in Your House” sales parody music video.

Below you’ll find some of the highlights of my work for DishOne.

Custom Clothing and Hats

Swag straight

off the press.

The door-to-door sales industry relies on incentives and rewards to keep the sales force motivated. I was frequently tasked with producing new gear that was given away at recruiting events, sold through our company store at cost or used as prizes for monthly sales competitions. Company swag also helped solidify employee’s brand loyalty and simultaneously advertise the DishOne name to their friends, family, etc. Working with local promotional companies, I designed over 50 T-Shirts and dozens of hats, jackets, bags, socks, etc.

Video Production

Popcorn not included.

Summer sales companies live in a very competitive market that revolves around recruiting and retention. Culture plays a big part in both of those aspects. Everyone wants to work for the coolest sales company, with the best incentives, trips, events, etc. I traveled with the company for each of their big trips and events to help run everything as well as film/edit a compilation showing the company’s culture in a fun, exciting way. I also helped film/edit videos to promote competitions, spotlight videos interviewing our best-selling reps and bi-weekly “podcast” update videos.

Incentive Trip – Company Cruise

Event – Summer Kickoff Retreat

Print Design

Long live print.

Just about every department and company process would go through the marketing department at one point. Among my long list of duties, I was in charge of managing training & recruiting materials. That included designing event flyers for our offices all over the U.S. and training manuals, some totaling more than 100 pages long, for new reps, managers, recruiting, etc.

Web Design and Development

Fresh coat

of paint.

DishOne was looking to refresh their website when I joined the team and that was one of my first tasks. Their old site was built on Squarespace and they wanted to modernize the site as well as move to WordPress for more freedom and a platform with supported more integrations to make it more useful to job applicants and their current employees. I designed the initial mockup and started with development after receiving approval.