Alder Home Security

Alder Home Security


Armed with one of the best door-to-door sales forces in the country, Alder’s mission is to provide the very best in home security, home automation, and medical alert services. As the company’s Senior Graphic Designer I had a lot of responsibilities and a long queue of tasks with tight deadlines. Our in-house marketing team was small and scrappy so I was always juggling multiple projects at a time while also helping support all of the various departments within the company and the sales staff of over 500. I carried hundreds of projects from conception to execution, collaborated with executives and department heads, and mentored the other designers on the team. My day-to-day was primarily designing (print, branding, custom clothing, office environmental), but my diverse skillset enabled me to contribute to the video, motion graphics, and UI/UX needs of the team as well.

Below you’ll find some of the highlights of my work for Alder.

User Guide Design

Installation made simple.

Alder was preparing to launch their Alder Simple DIY security system and they needed a user manual to run customers through the installation process and use as a reference for any possible problems. Working closely with the product developers, I compiled a user manual simple enough to wear the Alder Simple name. It totaled 48 pages and was loaded with helpful diagrams that I designed to help illustrate important tips and information.

Motion Graphic Explainer Video

Easy home security

you can trust.

After the launch of the Alder Simple DIY security system, Alder needed an easy way to explain to potential customers what it is, how easy it is to use, and why they need it. Working with the video team, I designed all of the graphics, created the animations and added sound effects to provide a simple, brand-cohesive video that achieved each of our original goals.

UI / UX Design

User friendly


The Alder Simple security panel was designed to have a lot of functionality, but still remain easy to use. We thought out and designed every little detail, including a basic setup wizard to help customers with the installation process and introduce them to their new system. We constantly received feedback saying how easy the setup process was and how clean the panel looked in homes.

Competition Branding, Video and Prizes

Company culture that

rewards hard work.

A significant part of Alder’s culture and success can be attributed to the dozen or so sales competitions that they launch each year. I was in charge of executing/maintaining most of them which required branding the competition, creating an exciting promo video, filming a “podcast” video with the specific details (dates, scoring structure, rules, prizes), and designing an update for our app that hosted all the promo, podcast, rules, prizes etc. Below you’ll find examples of my work for the Chase the Bass competition that rewarded the winners with high-end headphones.

Custom Clothing and Hats

Look good

Work hard.

Alder wanted to create a line of apparel to increase the brand loyalty of their growing sales force and help build brand awareness among their peers. Aiming for a theme of military meets street, we set out to appeal to our largely male target audience. I worked with local promotional companies and manufacturers in China to design custom uniforms, backpacks, notebooks, hats, jackets, shorts, joggers, socks, and other miscellaneous gear.

See the full catalog at

UI / UX Design

The digital age

of recruiting.

All of Alder’s recruiting material used to be very scattered, often out of date, and hard to get access to. I suggested we create an app that compiles all of the recruiting and training information that anyone would ever need in one magical app. After pooling all of the up-to-date recruiting material and a handful of suggestions from the top reps, I converted everything into 240+ different iPhone screens that would later be translated into Alder’s most used mobile app.

Office Poster Design

Where Alder started

and where it’s going.

Alder has dozens of sales offices around the country and we surprised them all with posters that they could put on display to kick off the year. I designed the posters to remind the reps of the companies roots and values, motivate them to work hard, and announce the requirements for the two big incentive trips at the end of the year for the company’s elite salesmen.