Whistic is a startup currently located in the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes. The founding team had personal experience with the pains of manually performing vendor security assessments using spreadsheets and email, and they set out to solve those pains by building the intuitive Whistic platform. I helped them out in their early stages with a couple website designs as well as an ebook they sent out to teach and convert potential leads/customers.

Web Design Mockups

I met with the Whistic team to help finalize the direction of their website. The brand identity of the recent startup was still in its early phases. We talked through some examples they liked, what their competition was doing, what their data was telling them up to that point, and who their target audience was going to be. They were still developing the product at the time so they primarily wanted to see a few basic ideas with various elements and some placeholders so they could decide the final direction they wanted to go with.


Similar to the website mockups, I met with the team to discuss the content and data going into the book. The end result was a book that helped solidify their brand direction even further and provide a concise, informational e-book to  educate their audience, bring in leads and convert them into clients.